About GAL Golf

Find out about GAL Golf and how you fit in

GAL Golf Leagues for Women was established in 1996 as Ottawa’s first women-only golf league network. It has grown quickly to become the largest of its kind in the national capital region.

A sense of belonging


GAL understands the kind of membership that women golfers are looking for. More than a way for you to improve your game and stay healthy, women golfers want a place with a sense of belonging where you can meet up with friends, make new ones and grow your network—all in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Making a difference

GAL is professionally run by a management team with the goal of providing Ottawa – area women with flexible choices, easy scheduling and valuable extras while enjoying the game of golf.

Time for you

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More than just about golf, GAL is about making time for you. We make scheduling easy—helping you prioritize time for this great game and for fun social events that are all part of being a GAL member.

Growing appeal

Women golfers in the Ottawa-area quickly took notice of GAL’s appeal. The organization grew from a simple weekly foursome round of golf to become a network of more than 500 women in all ranges of skill, teeing-off at 26 different leagues and 14 golf courses across the national capital region.

How it works

  1. Join GAL and choose your membership.
  2. Your GAL Captain contacts you to schedule your first tee-off time of the season, and ensures you are in a foursome on a weekly basis.
  3. Join us for our season kick-off “Tee-Off Dinner,” and meet GAL members in your league as well as your GAL Captain.
  4. Tee-off with your group in early May.
  5. Join us for après-golf dinner at tables reserved exclusively for GAL members. Connect with all other league members and your GAL captain at this time.
  6. Sign up at dinner for your tee-off time for the following week or online.
  7. Next week, “just show up with your clubs!”

May we suggest…

GAL is for women golfers of all levels. The following can help you find the course that is best suited to your needs:

  • New golfer: Raceview, Meadows, Canadian, Marchwood, eQuinelle, Thunderbird, Perth.
  • Advanced Beginner: Raceview, Meadows, Canadian, Amberwood, Marchwood, eQuinelle, Greensmere, Perth.
  • Intermediate and advanced: Canadian, Cedarhill, Raceview, Meadows, eQuinelle, Perth, Le Maitre, Kanata, Grey Hawk, Eagle Creek.

For traveling/touring links:

GAL extends special thanks to hosts at area golf courses and other partners who receive our members on a weekly basis and deliver great service, both on and off the course.

GAL member benefits

As a member of GAL you will receive many benefits beyond having your tee-times booked and games organized. Check out all the added benefits of membership!


I joined Gal 6 years ago to meet new people and to golf more on a regular basis. It is wonderful having a regular time to tee off every week with friendly like-minded golfers. Lots of laughs and a really good time each and every week. I’m looking forward to another great season of golf at Cedarhill Golf course.

Gwen C

I joined GAL 10 years ago because I had a difficulty getting someone to play and also suitable tee times. GAL solved all that and provided lessons to boot. In the league, I met women who supported me and my golf endeavors, built my confidence and became good friends. No matter what the age, we played, laughed and ate together while my golf got better and sometimes worse. Every year I look forward to seeing the same friendly faces and meeting others.

Brenda S.

I joined GAL 6 years ago – someone from work suggested the organization – so after a little research and a little push from my hubby I joined. GAL provides a great opportunity for all levels of play you do not have to be a scratch golfer to play. You are there to have fun – and that’s what it’s all about. A little exercise, fresh air and chuckles is the ticket! I so look forward to ‘my’ night.

Elaine B.

GAL is a wonderful way to ensure that you play golf once a week with companions of your skill level at the course of your choice. It is hassle free golf at its best your reasonable fees are paid up front, lessons are offered, your date and times are arranged for you, you have instant partners, there are activities and prizes arranged for each week, and a final tournament to wind up the season. GAL combines frequent golf with social networking in the most pleasurable way possible.  

Nancy A.

This year will be my third year with GAL. My involvement has been really fun and an opportunity to make new friends, while enjoying my favourite sport. Interesting social encounters sometime went well beyond the golf course and added nicely to my social life and professional network . As a woman working full time, the Pay as you Play League met my needs. Being able to pick a day of the week as well as a golf course closer to work, made a huge difference.  

Renee B.