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Master your golf skills, for the love of the game or simply for fun


GAL is as committed as you are to good health and to improving your golf game. That’s what all members gain access to exclusive fitness classes offered prior to the golfing season, as well as a schedule of golfing lessons—tailor-made for golfers of all skill levels.


What’s your skill level?

GAL is here to help you answer that as the first step in improving your game.

Golf skills in brief…

New golfer

Advanced beginner

A golfer who is either new to the game or getting reacquainted after a long absence. May not have had formal lessons and is uneasy playing against experienced golfers.

GAL has special leagues for you!


Plays 2-5 times annually. Does not require lessons, but would like to play regularly and improve their game.

GAL has the ideal league for you!


Advanced intermediate

Plays regularly but at most once per week. Seldom practices, but sometimes picks up the ball. Knows how to keep pace.

GAL has great leagues for you!

Plays regularly approximately 1-2 times a week. Practices fairly often and plays with confidence. Is comfortable joining any foursome. Knows the value of keeping pace.

GAL has the perfect league for you!


I joined GAL 10 years ago because I had a difficulty getting someone to play and also suitable tee times. GAL solved all that….and provided lessons to…